marți, 13 septembrie 2016

Best solution for Otopeni transfer

If you need to enjoy a ride in Bucharest, tthen you are most likely to land on the Otopeni airport - which is in fact the only publlic and international airport in Bucharest - and also the fact that the airport is a couple of kilometers outside the city,, you would need to buy a transfer

And as the title suggest - after analysing the situation I have to say that the best solution for an Otopeni transfer would be to hire the local company named Rentcarwithdriver - a company that provides great services, has exceptional employees and it also brings the best cars that can be found in this city in this area of activity.

The cars:
- Mercedes E Classe
- Mercedes C Classe
- Mercedes Van
- Mercedes Van+

As you see, this company only offers top notch cars, with great luxury options that are alwqays in good shape and good looking - so if you want to make a good impression, then you are certainly going to book the most luxuriant of them.

As for the ride itself, the streets of Bucharest are pretty good (also they don't have a good reputation) and those cars had no problem - the asphalt is in good shape at least in all the public zones (I dont knopw how it is in the neighborhoods from the margin of the city).

As for the city of Bucharest, I have to tell that it really looks like a modern European city that was touched by the comunism architectural style, but this in not such a big problem.

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